Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

The Parapulser® - high speed magnetic pulser

A new star has risen in the "year of destiny" 2012: The Parapulser® - world'd fastest magnetic pulser.

The Parapulser® 's technology can literally be called "black box magic". Because it takes the late Dr. Beck's magnetic induction method to a whole new level. Whereas until recently, users would need to wait patiently for their pulsers to finish their charging cycles and get only a few "drops" in a 20 minutes session, now they hold kind of a fire hose in their hands, which accoplishes the job in a few seconds.Time is our most precious resource, and the Parapulser® gives it back with each single pulse. 

Take Beck your power. Take back your time!

The Parapulser® is not only a time machine, but due to its innovative frequency function and south/north alternating polarity feature, it is well positioned to serve a much larger audience: wellness centers, consciousness and body workers and frequency researchers.

In the below video, you can watch the Parapulser®, the world's fastest magnetic frequency pulser in full action, hovering over a heavy metal knife like a "black helicopter" over its prey, tossing it around like a floating feather, forging it tight under its mighty magnetic grip (with a whopping 0.66 Tesla flux density at a sheer insane 20 Hz pulse frequency).

What is looking like the "most natural thing on earth", in reality is the result of five man-years of German craftmanship. The developer of the Parapulser® happens to be my brother Alexander Mikas (I'm very proud of him!). He's also the developer of the world's smallest Beck blood electrifier, the well known miniZAP®, which is shipped to customers all over the world, e.g. South Africa, Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia... 
The Parapulser® is not only a great time saver, but also very cost effective through its adaptive cost model: You just buy the performance you really need. 

Late Dr. Robert C. Beck, physicist and inventor of the magnetic flash pulser, would have been amazed of how far his original idea was taken by 21st centuries electronics. 

Order your personal unit of the Parapulser® at NU LIFE. We also invite you to join our generous, 100% transparent affiliate program and become part of our growing mission: To make Dr. Becks method available for everyone in an effective and comfortable way.